Light Lamb app general screenshot

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Light Lamb

Light Lamb is a free photographers’ light meter app for iOS. You can let Light Lamb decide everything for you like getting an auto mode for your manual film camera, or you could have full manual control of the parameters, or whatever you want in between.

Histogram of the scene shown on the viewfinder

Now with histogram Updated in 1.3.0

Use the histogram to make sure the scene is exposed just like how you envisioned.

Exposure settings suggested by Light Lamb

From full auto to assisted manual control

In most cameras if you pick a parameter like aperture, shutter, or ISO, the camera would stick to your chosen values even if it’s too dark or too bright for the scene.

The reason we made Light Lamb is to have a light meter that would suggest different settings if the chosen parameters are not suitable.

For example, you can keep your settings at f/8 and 1/125 for deep depth of field and fast shutter speed, but if it’s too dark, Light Lamb would suggest brighter values to make sure it’s correctly exposed.

Or say you want to set the aperture to f/1.4 for shallow depth of field, and if it’s bright outside and the shutter is already at its fastest speed, Light Lamb would suggest a smaller aperture.

Just set the parameters to what you want and Light Lamb will handle the rest.

Safe shutter-aware

Pick a preferred slowest shutter speed you want and Light Lamb will match it. If the scene is too dark, Light Lamb automatically pick a slower shutter speed beyond the safe shutter to achieve the correct exposure.

Spot metering

Zoom in 5x to focus the measurements to small areas in contrasting scenes.

Match your equipment

Choose the range and increment of ISO, aperture, and shutter speed to match your equipment. Choose between whole-stop, half-stop, and one-third EV increments for each parameter.

List of memos of exposure settings with a photo of the scene

Keep a memo

Keep a memo of the settings used, including a photo of the scene and the location. Export it as a beautiful picture note formatted in 4:5 aspect ratio, great for posting to Instagram along with your photo.